First Blog Post!

Most people who know me from the photography industry, or my personal life, were aware that I took 2013 off from professional photography. I was quite busy in 2012 with my new full-time work, photography on the side, and a wife who needed my support at home. At the end of 2012, I made the ridiculously tough decision to say no to any photography requests. Let me rephrase that, I said no to any portrait sessions and weddings, but I continued some commercial work I've been doing for Red River Mutual Insurance... which you can find in my commercial gallery!

Oh, and I couldn't say no to this shoot during summer! H&M (Hank & Melvin Penner) Farms out of Altona hired me to photograph a harvest with their 6 combines! First off, one of my dreams was to fly in a small plane, and secondly, the type of photography where there's no time to think, and I'm just flying (no pun intended) at 8.5 frames per second is such an incredible rush! I've included these into the portfolio as well.

Alright... LASTLY, I did do one more thing, but this was strictly personal work! Richelle and I had an incredible trip to the west coast this summer. Richelle's dream has always been to see Orca in the wild, and with the sale of our home, and living in a camper on my parents farm for the summer, allowed us to take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Again, I've put these into the portfolio site as well... :)

Anyway, after a full year off (mostly :)), I began getting the "itch" again, and really felt lead to pursue Photography again. I'll be straight up with you, I'm nervous, or at least was nervous because you couldn't say there's a shortage of photographers these days! When making the decision to get back in the game, my initial intention was that this is going to be me trying to MAKE IT. I mean, full time! Now that I've had almost a month out of the "honeymoon" stage where I felt like there was nothing that would stop it from happening, I'm becoming comfortable that becoming a full-time photographer just may not be practical at this point. That doesn't go to say I can't try, and see where things go! 

A year off doesn't seem like a long time, but I've been amazed at the way I feel when I take the camera out for a shoot and find myself thinking about what I need to do! I got stuck in a rut (groove?) of everything coming naturally and there's little to no thinking needed. And lately since there isn't much shooting being done, but trying to stay warm inside, I've been listening to MANY podcasts! Here are a few in case you wanna get hooked as well:






I'm very excited about having my new site up, and I hope to be diligent in frequent blog posts for you to enjoy, learn from, share, etc. Please feel free to comment on posts, share them, let me know what like, and what you don't like, or what you'd like me to post about, because I need the motivation!

Anyway, this was enough for tonight. :)

Until next time...