Summer Gala 2014 - Gallery in the Park

Our second and last opening Gala night at the Gallery in the Park in Altona for 2014. It was another fantastic evening with a very unforgettable sunset to top it off. 

Tasty catering by The Jasmine Tea Room, a new sculpture by Curt Brills, our main floor featured artist Hubert Theroux, and the contemporary art of Zimbabwe upstairs. 

This one is definitely worth checking out! Very talented work once again. 

The Gallery in the Park - Altona Manitoba.jpg
The Gallery in the Park - Altona Manitoba-3.jpg
The Gallery in the Park - Altona Manitoba-2.jpg
The Gallery in the Park - Altona Manitoba-6.jpg
The Gallery in the Park - Altona Manitoba-14.jpg
The Gallery in the Park - Altona Manitoba-17.jpg
The Gallery in the Park - Altona Manitoba-18.jpg
The Gallery in the Park - Altona Manitoba-16.jpg
The Gallery in the Park - Altona Manitoba-20.jpg
The Gallery in the Park - Altona Manitoba-25.jpg

The Kids - Devil's Lake, ND

The kids are always a motivator for bringing the camera camping! It's so cool documenting their childhood and being able to see the progress they make.

When they get too old to sit on uncle Ryan's lap or spend time with me, I have many great images to look back on and remember the good times!

I really enjoy photographing people in the moment, especially these crazy ones!

Devils lake portrait photography-5.jpg
Devils lake portrait photography-8.jpg
Devils lake portrait photography.jpg
Devils lake portrait photography-7.jpg

Milky Way - Spirit Lake Casino Devil's Lake

Camping is a great time shoot for the stars, and this weekend it happened to be at Spirit Lake Casino in Devil's Lake, ND.

The sky was clear and I could see a bit of the Milky Way, so I decided to try for it with the camera! I've never actually attempted to photograph the Milky Way, but when I shoot stars, I would typically do a longer exposure for star trails. 

One thing I love about shooting the sky, is the unpredictability. Many times I get a little surprise on the LCD after the shutter closes, and there's a shooting star! The other part of it is light painting. In this shot I had my camping headlamp on and shone it on the trees around the camper for a little added light. Anything to make a difference!