Milky Way - Altona MB

Yesterday night we were on our way home from the Morden Stardust Drive-in and it was unreal how clear the sky was!

No moon + clear night = Milky Way!

As we were heading home, we also noticed the northern lights appear, but by the time I got my camera and headed back out, there wasn't much going on. 

They Milky Way was more appealing to me this time!

Milky Way - Spirit Lake Casino Devil's Lake

Camping is a great time shoot for the stars, and this weekend it happened to be at Spirit Lake Casino in Devil's Lake, ND.

The sky was clear and I could see a bit of the Milky Way, so I decided to try for it with the camera! I've never actually attempted to photograph the Milky Way, but when I shoot stars, I would typically do a longer exposure for star trails. 

One thing I love about shooting the sky, is the unpredictability. Many times I get a little surprise on the LCD after the shutter closes, and there's a shooting star! The other part of it is light painting. In this shot I had my camping headlamp on and shone it on the trees around the camper for a little added light. Anything to make a difference!