James + Janessa - Engaged

I'm looking forward to the wedding of James and Janessa this Saturday, July 19th! I know...  a little late for an engagement session, but better late than never I suppose!

James and Janessa have spent many days in the Morden Livingston Nature Park, and this was my first time. It's so great! This park offers a quick escape from the town life, and when inside, you forget the urban around you! 

I hope you enjoy these from James and Janessa!

Engagement photos - morden manitoba23.jpg
Engagement photos - morden manitoba05.jpg
Engagement photos - morden manitoba09.jpg
Engagement photos - morden manitoba01-3.jpg
Engagement photos - morden manitoba11.jpg
Engagement photos - morden manitoba10.jpg
Engagement photos - morden manitoba18.jpg
Engagement photos - morden manitoba17.jpg

Beekeepers - A Rocha - Pembina Valley

My buddy Doug bought some bee hives for the summer, and it's been very interesting hearing about the process! Being able to finally go out there to see it in action was amazing.

Him and a friend have the hives at A Rochin the Pembina Valley, so this was a first for me visiting the Interpretive Centre. I was never aware that this place existed!

After seeing the beekeepers in action, I still don't really know how it all works, but I loved the setting, loved the light, and am very excited to have been able to photograph what they do! I hope to possibly shoot some more later in the season, and I'll be interested to see how things change!

Beekeepers - Pembina Valley-8.jpg
Beekeepers - Pembina Valley-6.jpg
Beekeepers - Pembina Valley-7.jpg
Beekeepers - Pembina Valley-11.jpg
Beekeepers - Pembina Valley-15.jpg
Beekeepers - Pembina Valley-19.jpg
Beekeepers - Pembina Valley-24.jpg
Beekeepers - Pembina Valley-25.jpg
Beekeepers - Pembina Valley.jpg
Beekeepers - Pembina Valley-23.jpg

Lightning - Altona Manitoba

What a day Saturday!

I was up for 20 hours, and had about 14 hours of sun, but enjoyed it all, and ended it with a fantastic light show!